What’s the purpose of a cover letter?


  1. What’s the Purpose of a Cover Letter?
  2. How cover letters help you in your selection?
  3. Predominant statements that need to be a part of your cover letter:
  4. What to avoid in a Cover Letter?
  5. A sample of cover letter

Cover letter is one of the primary elements the employer look up to. The purpose of a cover letter is to tell the employer your background and abilities. You need to write a cover letter not as a formality but to put a great impression of yourself.

Some job seekers take cover letter for granted but the importance of it cannot be ignored, as it is your first impression makes it count.

What’s the Purpose of a Cover Letter?

The purpose of a cover letter is to make your resume stand out in front of the employer. The resumes or CVs without the cover letter is not as impressive as the one with it.

Employer favors the one that are followed with a cover letter covering your skills, experience and tell employer what services you can provide to their company.

Cover letter helps to communicate with the employer that you are dedicated to work at their company and will serve them your valuable contribution. Job seekers must emphasize on cover letter while making their resume as this makes it easy for employer to choose the best from having same credentials. 

To get knowledge about the company and firm before writing a cover letter will help you write your skills according to the needs of the firm which will prove to be an awe-inspiring for recruiter and your chances of selection will increase.

How cover letter helps you in your selection?

A cover letter is a good chance to manifest your certain qualities:

1: Personality:-

The cover letter written by you will apprise the employer about your personality and traits that you own. A formal resume can never give a clear idea about you to the recruiter as it is a factual element.

The words in your cover letter will make it explicit to the one recruiting that you are the one best person for their team.

2: A perfect pick:-

The description of your skills, abilities and knowledge in a cover letter will provide the recruiter a crystal clear image that your details are perfect match to the requirements of their firm.

3: Enthusiasm:-

Another purpose of cover letter is that it shows your zeal and passion to the employer. A well written and a compelling cover letter will make it easy for recruiter to select you because it will give an idea to him of your research about the company and its requirements.

Cover letter is a great opportunity to express your keenness and devotion to work at their company and to add value to their workspace.

4: Sense of perfection:-

Commonly job seekers don’t pay attention towards cover letter but this cover letter not only apprise employer about your details but also make him notify that how directed you are towards adding details to the things.

Just sending resume is a common thing but adding a cover letter to it makes it excel.

5: Instant value:-

A well written cover letter will emphasize your strengths and will show your potential to employer. This will prove to be a great marketing tool for you as it will grab the attention of the recruiter and you will be a clear decision for him.

6: Spell out your plan for success in the particular position:-

Cover letter shows the employer the depth of your research about the company by writing the challenges that are faced by it to achieve its goal. Organize them and then state some effective remedies that are needed to apply for the success of it. It will show recruiter your attention towards problem solving that is the big YES, YES for the firm.

7: Display your ability to bring someone round:-

To achieve your goals in a company, to take stand for your team, the ability to influence and to argue is a must. The purpose of cover letter is to exemplify your this capability to the employer that how good you are at selling product or services or to get customers.

8: A clear source of getting the job:-

A good cover letter can be an unforgettable thing for the recruiter and it will help him to choose from you and other candidate. A cover letter showing your devotedness towards the company, job position and responsibilities will make it clear to employer that you are the one to choose.

9: Showcase your communication skills

The first priority of every job is to have hold on good and effective communication. The cover letter will be vivid example of it towards the employer.

Predominant statements that need to be a part of your cover letter

There are some essentials that needed to be there in your cover letter to make it shine out. A good cover letter will point up your resume and will induce the employer to call you for an interview.

To make it sure that you will be called by the employer and that your cover letter is interesting, professional and compelling enough to put you at top of the list, these below mentioned statements are very important.

1: Synopsis of your job background

A short overview of your job history will tell employer about the responsibilities that you owned and services you provided to previous firms. It will give an employer an idea that what environment you have worked in and how you managed your positions for the achievements of the company.

2: Details of similar work you did in your past

The company/employer will prefer the one who already has done similar kind of work in the past. It will enhance the confidence of the recruiter in you that the company will be benefitted with your valuable contribution. 

The presence of the history of same work will make it clear to employer that you have experience to handle a particular project, software or client.

3: Unparalleled skills that make you ideal for the particular position

The position they are looking for requires some specific skills in the employee, by adding the unmatched set of your skills to the cover letter will tell employer that you are not only diligent and sharp-witted but also your skills make you perfect for this job.

4: Tell them what you are looking for in this job

The purpose of cover letter is to focus more or 85% on the needs of the employer/company and rest on the needs of you. If you are comfortable working with large or small team or you work best under low/high pressure deadline just tell them in your cover letter.

What to avoid in a Cover Letter?

  1. Employers see a number of resumes, CVs and cover letters so avoid below listed mistakes to put great impression on the recruiter.
  2.  Emphasizing on what you can gain.
  3.  Lengthy and extended details.
  4. The use of “I” repeatedly.
  5. Your cover letter should be genuine, your own piece of writing instead of a copy or written by someone else. It will show employer your ability to write concisely and effectively.
  6. Do not exceed the length of sentences more than 10 to 20 words.
  7. Stay away from the phrases that displease/irritate the employers like “game-changer” etc.
  8. Try not to use overused phrases.
  9. Never add any irrelevant information in your cover letter as it will bore or confuse the employer and can end up in rejecting you.
  10. Don’t be so casual or extra formal while writing your cover letter.
  11. Avoid mistakes in format of writing a cover letter.
  12. Avoid talking about the salary expectations in cover letter.
  13. Do not forget to proofread your cover letter before sending it to the company.

A sample of cover letter

4th April, 2021

Hiring Manager’s Name

Company address

Faisalabad, Pakistan



Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

As a highly skilled project manager for about 13 years, I am interested in the project manager position at your company. My experience and expertise aligns well with the description of this job advertisement. I know I will make a valuable contribution to your working team.

As a project manager I have been zealous, efficient and strong leader. I have advanced knowledge in developing scopes and submitting results on time and ensuring seamless and coherent experience for all the parties involved. Furthermore, while my previous job provided me a well-rounded set of skills like time management, good team working and relationship building within the office and outside, I outshine at:

  • Submissions of projects result on time.
  • Ensure responsible team work.
  • Reporting and chasing the overall progress.
  • Managing daily operations and implementation of new rules and methods to achieve the goal.

My educational background and achievements are also according to the requirements of this job. I will be overwhelmed to be a part of your ongoing growth and continued success.

Please review my attached resume; I look forward to discussing the project manager position and my qualifications as well as my expertise with you in more detail. I am happy to come by whenever it’s suitable for you. Thank you for considering my application and I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Your Name

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